What is Blender?

What is Blender?

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Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software suite that can be used to make: 

Animated films

In animated films, characters, locations and landscapes are created and manipulated to add movement as though they are life-like. Images are either drawn, painted or created by computers.

Below is an example of an animated film, it is a clip from another animated movie that was produced using Blender.

See the uses for blender.

In this section we have learnt about blender and what it can do from 3D modelling to interesting features such as Sculping, Video Editing, Visual Effects, animation and Rendering.

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So you and the Explorers have figured out what Blender is and what it can do (it’s features). 

Now let’s find out more about 3D modelling. We’ll need to know the basics before we can start creating the treasure chest. 

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