Case Study

Eden Academy

Knowledge At All Costs

This is Eden Academy the most prestigious secondary school in the world. Blessed with a rich history, many aristocrats and great people are members of the alumni.

The school is a home of valuable information and has experienced several cyber attacks. This has caused great financial loss to the school. This has led to a change in governance.

Meet The New Headmaster

Dr. Maximillian Feynman

“A smart man has figured out how dumb he truly is”. 

– Dr Feynmen

Dr. Feynman is the new headmaster of Eden Academy. In light of the school’s recent cyber attacks, one of his goals is too bolster the cybersecurity of Eden Academy.

Eagle Eye

Cybersecurity Consultants

Eagle eye has been hired by Eden Academy to reconfigure their cybersecurity strategy. Therefore, protecting the school from future cyber attacks.

As employees of Eagle Eye we have been tasked with doing a risk assessment of the Eden Academy’s cybersecurity strategy.

What is your task?

In each lesson, you’ll be

  • shown a demonstration of a risk assessment performed on Eden Academy’s IT assets, which will serve as a useful guide 
  • do your own risk assessment for YOUR SCHOOL’s IT assets

In order to do a risk assessment on YOUR school, you will need to ask your IT teacher to fill out this questionnaire with support from the IT department

Click the link below for the questionnaire. Also, you can click the other link to see the demo questionnaire filled by Eden Academy.

Your IT teacher should fill this out, with support from the school IT department. 

This demo questionnaire has been filled out by Eden Academy’s IT dept. You can use this one if your school isn’t able to fill out the blank one.