Course Learning Outcomes

What will you be learning?

Below are the various lessons you will go through to finish this course. Hover over the blue icons to learn more.

How to get the most

Out of this course

In this course it will be best to engage with all the instructions because they are necessary to get the full experience of this course.

Watch the videos, read the text and go through the quizzes.  



To watch for

These icons will give you a heads up of what is to come. There are 5 icons used in this programme. Hover on each of them below to find out more about each one.

Video Explainer

These videos will help explain or demonstrate a concept or exercise.


This is a task that you'll be expected to complete. 


Most lessons have a quiz to test your knowledge afterwards.

Tips or Info

This icon will give extra info or tips on the content you've just learnt.

Run code

All coding courses have this "print" icon to run your code