EXERCISE: Create/Rename/Delete a sheet

Excel workbooks have what we call sheets. A sheet in a workbook is like a page in a book. Sheets help us separate data that is related without having multiple workbooks. Let’s look at how we can create, rename and delete a sheet. We will then create and rename our sheets in the exercise that follows.

  • We learned how to create a workbook
  • We know how to create a sheet 
  • We can create multiple sheets in one workbook
  • we saw how to create, rename and delete a sheet

Exercise: Rename a Sheet

We are going to create two sheets in our excel workbook. One sheet for our data and one for the charts and tables.

Here are the steps. click on the arrow and/or text to open the toggle to see more details.

Open the workbook we created in the previous topic. By default it will be named Sheet1. Right click on the name Sheet1 and on the pop up menu click on Rename

We will name our sheet Sales, then press enter on the keyboard to save.

Create a new sheet where we will put sales charts. By default also, it will be named Sheet2. Notice how every time we create a sheet the number that succeed the name sheet increases!.

Rename the sheet to Sales Charts. Right click the sheet and click rename just as the previous steps.