Guide To Completing the Course

We are super excited to have you walk this journey with us. Welcome. 

Our goals with this course, and all our courses, are: 

  • get you some Excel experience to apply to real-world scenarios – build your confidence in bulding excel sheets and dashboards,
  • create a portfolio of evidence that will open every door for future employers,

And even if you don’t see yourself as a “techie” in future – let us pique your interest in data analysis and Excel as it is a key skill that will underpin many future jobs.

Your course project

Building a Dashboard

You will be creating a data dashboard using Microsoft Excel. Each step of the way we’ll be guiding you through it. 

Join us on this learning adventure as we learn more about analysing and visualizing data in excel…. Let’s Begin!


To watch for

Throughout the course, we will be using icons to display various items which you need to be aware of.  Here are some icons to keep an eye out for:

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