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What will we be learning?

Take a look at the various Lessons we will be covering in this course below. Hover on each green icon to find out more about YOUR TASK for the first lessons 1-7.

How to get the most

Out of this course

Let’s see what you think about the real world: What is the #1 thing that tech employers look for when they hire? 

A portfolio of evidence showing what you can build. 
Although your matric results and your tertiary education is super important - the most important thing that tech employers want is to know that you can build and create things.

Click on the lightbulb for your answer.

That’s why to get the most out of this course, we ask that you DO the activities that test your knowledge. 

That also means DO the coding tasks on the live coding editor that we give you. Read and watch the videos to guide you. 

Some fitness goals are impressive to see but we can all admit that it’s way more impressive to see that imagery as a before-and-after. It might happen that you don’t see how far you have come, how much skills you have gained weeks, or months down the line if you don’t have a “before”. 

So before you start the course, take that picture!

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how you feel about completing the course