Welcome To Microsoft Word

Attention teachers and students seeking an overview of what this course offers: Simply click the button on the right to explore the comprehensive course plan and discover the exciting content that awaits you!

Knowing how to use Microsoft Word’s multiple features is going to be a key skill in whatever job you do one day.

Our goals with this course, and all our courses, are to: 

  • Get you some Word processing experience that can will help to build your confidence in communicating in whatever project you work on in your future.
  • Create a portfolio of evidence that will open every door for future employers,

Your course project

Trifold Brochure, Research memo and more

You will be creating a trifold brochure, a research memo and an article for National Geographic – all while competing for an adventure race around South Africa using Microsoft Word. Each step of the way we’ll be guiding you through it. 

Join us on this learning adventure as we learn more about creating, formatting and modifying a Word document…. Let’s Begin!

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