A Visit to Grandma

Community Wellness

The sun smiled warmly while the birds chirped in choir. The grey cityscape was coloured with green trees and the purple of jacarandas. 

“Are you ready, we need to be there on time!” screamed mother.

Grandma’s birthday is today. I have not seen her in a while. I took my duffle bag and stuffed it with clothes and an extra pair of shoes.

“Yes”  I yelled back.

“Then will you run down here and stop wasting time” 

I burst out of the room–racing downstairs to join Mother in the car.

“Did you forget anything?” mother asked as she screeched out the driveway.

The question bounced around in my brain for a few seconds as I mentally scanned through the contents of my bag.

“Yes! – my toothbrush” I exhaled.

Mother turned to me, slapping me with her eyes. “I guess you will use your finger.”

After two hours of driving,  mum drives over a pothole that shakes a yell out of her. The surrounding area is noticeably in bad shape. 

There broken traffic lights by the street, cars are gently surfing on the wavy roads. I have never been to a place like this. 

“Grandma’s house is around the corner” mum said.

Grandma’s house was definitely cosy just based on the outside. There were green leaves everywhere decorated with colourful flowers.

As soon as the car stopped, Grandma shuffled towards us with her arms wide open.

“What a great surprise” she beamed.

I raced out the car and jumped into her embrace. It was just as I imagined, warm with love.

“Your neighbourhood is worse than I remember.” commented mother.

Grandma sighed in agreement. Her sigh inspired an idea in me…..