Create a WordPress Account

Getting Started

Now it is time for us to begin building our website in WordPress. Follow these steps to begin. If you are new to these steps will help you create an account. (Ignore this if you already have an account).

  1. Fill in your details. 
  2. Then click the create account button

  • Click on Choose my domain later

If you do not see the choose my domain later, do the following steps:

  1.  Type the domain name you want like this ‘‘ (example: ‘‘). 
  2. There should be an option in the dropdown with your domain name  and free beside it.
  3. Select this option and you should be able to continue. 


  • Click on the Start a free site link


  • Click on the Start building button

  • Click Skip for now  in the top corner of the page

  • Click on Name your site
  • Write the name of your site and click on save settings


Great!! You now have your WordPress account with your own custom site name. The next lesson will introduce you to the basics of WordPress.

Next: We look at a recap of all we have done so far