Our story

Our story

Help Elektra save Trom-Dlov land

As we start our journey let us set the scene.  You are creating a game!

Meet Elektra. She is princess of Kimayaland where dragons, animals and humans live peacefully side-by-side.

Next door to Kimayaland, is the land of Trom-Dlov. Where the evil villain, Nyxa, has put a spell that transformed all the peaceful animals of the land into terrifying beasts. Elektra has embarked on a quest to save her neighbouring land Trom-Dlov and rid them of the menacing creatures.

Beware because Nyxa will do everything she can to stop you. To complete this quest, you will have to solve riddles, escape mazes, make armies, fight battles and much much more… All this to break the spell and bring back the peaceful animals that once roamed the lands of Trom-Dlov. 

Are you ready to begin your learning journey, while creating your game?