3D modelling in Blender 2.0

Let's learn about 3D modelling

What is 3D modelling

In Blender?

What is a Mesh?

Don’t let the word Mesh confuse you as it is interchangeable with the word ‘3D model’. Therefore a mesh in blender or any 3D modelling software is simply a 3D model of an object.

Let’s watch this video to see how meshes are mapped and connected to form shapes

The video explains how to connect vertices merging two objects together in Blender

Excellent – you and the Explorers are making good progress through the Glaciers. You know what 3D modelling is all about. (Don’t worry – you’ll have a chance in a later Lesson to put your skills to the test.) 

Next up, you will be learning about the evolution of Blender and where it’s been used in the world so far. 

Click on the below green map point to go to the last stop in Glaciers.