Who has heard of DNA storage? You wouldn’t be the only one who hasn’t. DNA storage is going to “soup-up” our current digital storage capabilities to an exponential level – where 3.3 zetabytes of data (pretty much all the data that exists on Earth today plus extra) will fit on a storage device the size of a ping-pong ball


DNA Storage, serverless cloud and exponential programming language growth were 3 of the top trends Jason Suttie from Devson and Coding Ground shared at our Future-Skills TechTalk last week Thursday. High school learners, their parents and teachers joined to engage with Jason on the impact of these trends on future skills and marketplace needs. 


Organisations like Microsoft are developing DNA storage as we speak. According to Jason, the world of encoding our human genetics and transferring it somewhere else (think “Beam me up Scottie” teleportation) becomes a possibility given these kinds of technologies. “With this kind of storage capacity – every person can have a copy of the entire internet sitting on their harddrive, or multiple copies that show the internet from last year, from last month. The amount of data that will be produced is mindblowing”. 

These Future-Skills TechTalks are hosted the first Thursday of each month – where TechWays founder Joanne Brink talks with experts and industry leaders like Jason about cutting edge technology trends in their industry and how this will play out in future skills needs for our youth.

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