TechWays wants to give you a headstart in your technology career. We know what employers want – experience and a portfolio of evidence that shows what you can do. 

Why wait until after high school? TechWays online courses – from global tech companies like Microsoft and Unreal4 – will set you up to stand out amongst your peers. 

TechWays was founded by Joanne Brink, a CA and MBA, who left the world of finance to dedicate her life to creating opportunities for young people. “I was privileged to have parents who exposed me to all sorts of extra mural programmes, setting me up for success. I want to do the same for young people today.”

TechWays has 6 technology pathways, with 3 courses on each pathway. We have carefully consulted with industry leaders in South Africa and globally to determine what courses and skills an employer would look for. So once a student has completed all the courses on a single pathway – they have all the necessary skills to be eligible to access an internship or entry-level job in their chosen pathway. 

View our Pathways Page to see all the courses we offer and their details. 

If you google “data science” courses – you will find 100’s. How do you know which course is at the right level for you? Or which course should be done first, and which one follows? 

Let TechWays make it easy for you. 

We’ve asked tech employers what skills and courses they recommend for junior employees and those are the ones you’ll see on the TechWays platform. So that when you finish high school – you have the skills and experience you need to access a tech job or internship. 

We are online to help you with our various support channels. Post a question on our Help Chat button and we’ll get back to you within an hour. 

Or search our Discord channel for other students with similar questions and answers. This channel is moderated in real-time.

TechWays takes pride in our unique offering:

  1. Global certifications that are customised and simplified for Grade 8 and up. Find out about how you can build an army of dragons in our C# course or build a website to save the world in 2050 in our HTML/CSS course. Why learn any other way?
  2. Real-life project  assignments built into each course, so that you can showcase your talent to future employers. 
  3. For our top students we have job shadow and internship opportunities with tech companies, so that you can start gaining real work experience right after school. 

Every course you complete – you receive a TechWays Certificate showing for that course.

For external exams, TechWays provides you with all the content, quizzes and assignments for you to be ready for your Certification Exam. We don’t provide you with the certification exam voucher – but you can access Exam vouchers for Microsoft, Linux, Comptia etc at a discounted fee through us. 

To enquire about our Exam Vouchers, email us at [email protected].